• To provide care and counselling to poor, needy and homeless older persons –  where no other service exists.
  • To provide health care services to poor, needy and homeless older persons, including the provision of preventative and educational programmes relating to HIV/AIDS and support to their families.
  • To provide basic adult education, training and development of older persons including outreach programmes to marginalized and rural communities.
  • To provide training for older persons on economic empowerment and continued employment.
  • To advocate and lobby for the rights of older persons, including the provision of legal, paralegal and investigative services to ensure that their human and democratic rights are recognized and respected.
  • To conduct relevant social research to form the basis for intervention and development programmes.

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54Background Information

It is 98 km from Mangochi boma in area called Mvumba village, Traditional Authority Nankumba. In this area I met a lady, she was seated with her daughter and she is deaf. The two daughters do not work but support their households by going to the mountains to collect firewood which they sell. Her husband passed away in 2003.

Personal Details

Her name is Savera Lilamba and she is a widow, her husband passed away. In her life she has had 9 children, however now she only has two daughters, as the rest had passed away. Her house fell last year in December and now lives with her daughter but stays in the kitchen. Above is the kitchen she lives in.

Physical Sate

Savera Lilamba looked healthy and pleasant. She is well taken care of by her daughter; she is helped during her bath time and toileting.



Food Security

6She usually eats porridge, nkhwani (pumpkin leaves) and mpilu (turnip leaves). However she goes without food for two to three days, eating depends on the availability of food.

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Hope For The Elderly

photo-11-e1383039524476-225x300A Senior Trustee of Unika, who also owns the conglomerate of World Cargo International, Pamtengo Radio and Wakachere Limited has expressed optimism to move towards assisting the elderly and the vulnerables around communities.

Founder and Trustee of Unika, Munya Sajanga said this after visiting Hope for the Elderly Centre at Nathenje in Lilongwe, saying her visit to Malawi was to conclude the registration of this charity whose aim was to support the elderly and other vulnerable members of the society. Sajanga said along her tour of duty, she felt it was imperative for her to demonstrate her mission by paying a visit to the centre which she said will be funded by the group of companies that she owns. Hope for the Elderly is situated appropriately Twenty-eight kilometers away from Malawi’s Capital City, Lilongwe along the Lilongwe – Blantyre road.

“I was very touched by the way elders are perceived by the community when they become of age. In some communities they are seen as witches (mfiti), which is not true for these senior citizens…this is why we are geared to forming this grouping to supporting them.” said Sajanga who has already been instrumental in changing the lives of the vulnerable through goods and financial donations which she has rendered through shipment by Wold Cargo International.

Hope for the Elderly has about 150 members. Verina Doctor, 96, is the oldest lady member at the Centre.

“I was greatly overwhelmed by the grand welcome I received from members of the community who were led by the Chief of the area and it was a great day for me” Sajanga explained further.

Sajanga who was accompanied to the site by several officials that included Rodrick Chipsa, Deputy Head for the Hope for the Elderly alongside Deputy Director in the Office of the President, James Ali and an official from Ministry for Elderly and Persons with Disabilities, Steven Vinkhumbo got a positive nod from Village Headman Mkuozi who pledged full co-operation.

“We are happy with your intention, Madam Munya and please tell your colleagues in the UK and other places that we are more than ready to work with you;” the traditional leader said, amid handclapping and ululation from members of the community.

He however asked for other immediate needs such as a mobile clinic which he said could serve as a facility for the elderly not to travel long distances in accessing medical facilities. The Village Head on the other hand asked for a borehole for the provision of clean water to the elderly.

photo-3-225x300photo 1“Madam, we need clean water here…currently our elders draw water from the stream where the water is usually polluted and contaminated. How then shall they live healthy and happily?” the Chief asked.

Unika is a Chichewa word literally meaning “bring light” and Sajanga fellow trustee is Euphemia Bota whilst Steven Lewis from Canada is the sponsor for Hope for Elderly Centre.

Also speaking the founding member of Hope for the Elderly, Thomas Pondani Mbewe said working with Unika was a welcome development in another speciality which he said was happy about as that would uplift the lives of those in dire-straights.

Unika and Hope for the Elderly will work hand in hand to elivate and support Elders across malawi. Please visit our website www.unika-uk.com for more information and will greatly appreciate any donations.


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