Keeping older people in touch…

We are working on  a project that supports the most vulnerable population within the community – especially during the winter period. We are looking at a service that engages with people over-65 with limited mobility and illness, providing a better quality of life and making their everyday easier. The service includes a pre-arranged daily telephone call and an alert service should the calls not be answered. We work with various Care Agencies to support us with offering services such as

  • Companionship / Conversation
  • Driving to appointments
  • Reading
  • Sitting service
  • Social support
  • Meal preparation
  • Cooking
  • Shopping
  • Laundry
  • Light housework

If you woud like to sign up for our morning call service please contact us on 07842510362 or send us text , you can also email us info@unika-uk.org

Our Christmas act of Kindness

Christmas can be an incredibly difficult time of year for older people who live on their own around Luton and Dunstable.

It’s a day that brings immense joy and laughter and it’s incredibly sad to think that, many older men and women  have to spent their Christmas utterly alone, feeling their isolation even more acutely.

Right now, there are more than 450,000 older people who are spending the Christmas period on their own, with no family or friends to visit them and no one to go and see.

It’s just not right that any one should suffer such horrible loneliness, especially when they could be among friends – and we are here to offer that friendship.

We hope that you can help us today with an act of kindness – we appreciate your donations to enable us to hold this event this year.

To donate Our charity’s fundraising link:

Useful Links

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A Shopper’s Guide To Long-Term Care Insurance – Insurance is another option for paying for long-term care, and this offers just about all of the information you could ever need for understanding this financial resource.


The Guide To Securing Life-Long Accommodations For Adult Children With Special Needs – I’ve never seen anything written on this topic in such a reader-friendly way, and this has phenomenal information.


How To Write A Will – Key Steps To Successfully Writing Your Will – Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything specific on how individuals with disabilities can create a will, but this article has great information that everyone should take to heart.


What Is Burial Or Funeral Insurance For Seniors? – Fantastic information for seniors with disabilities, especially those who incur medical bills that may not be paid off at their time of passing.


Disability Insurance Claims: Questions And Answers – For anyone who has disability insurance, making a claim can have a huge impact on their life planning and their financial resources, and this guide (from a great website) clarifies a great deal about the process.