Luton Afrofest 2022

Luton AfroFest first of many was held at Manor Park Luton this year. This was a family event organized by Pamtengo Radio, an initiative of Unika charity in collaboration with AUK radio. Having had a very difficult 2020/21 which is still ongoing, Luton Afrofest provided a great opportunity to bring the community together while showcasing the taste of Africa.
With this year being the Queen’s Jubilee and most African countries being part of the commonwealth this was a great way to compliment other festivals in Luton and celebrate the African way.

Our aim is to promote African culture and heritage through music,
fashion, art, and diversity within the community. Luton Afrofest will showcase the rich history within our tradition through the contemporary forms of art.

The 23rd of July 2022 brought Lutonians and the surrounding neighbours together to enjoy live music, cultural dance, food, funfair activities from the African continent.
We plan to be inclusive going forward and work with other community organizers to promote their services which we believe are the most
essential especially in our ethnic community information which are not readily available or well known. So, by inviting other professionals from various organizations our community will have direct access to information and services on the day of the event.  This event will create an opportunity for partnership with other local businesses and charities to ensure information on essential services are shared.   Our event will promote equality and diversity, community social cohesion, help build stronger communities. It will also promote Luton across neighboring towns, increase business revenue and also put our town on the national map as a diverse and multi-cultural community who are united in every way and also show that Luton in a safe and fun place to live and work. 

Here is some pictures from the day of the event more to come….