Nancholi Local Communities

3HIV & AIDS Prevention Programmes

HIV and AIDS affect older people as care givers to orphans and sick people in the society, and people living with HIV and AIDS. Everyone, including older people, has the right to access the HIV and AIDS information and the services they need. When implementing our project activities in Nancholi local communities, we found that older care givers have few or no skills in caring for orphans and people living with HIV. This means older people are often stressed and have little or no psychological support. Older people are at significant risk of being infected by HIV on course of providing care where there is direct contact with the HIV person’s fluid and even blood yet they are left out of prevention programmes. Here’s what we’re doing to help. We’re training local community groups to provide HIV and AIDS education to older people and their families and home based care for people living with HIV. Older home-based carers are good at educating younger people about the disease and how to reduce further spreading. They also encourage people to get tested. We are working with local health workers so they can provide appropriate advice about HIV and AIDS and refer older patients for health services where necessary. Nancholi youth Organisation emplement such programs in the following villages: Chimire, Nkoka, mlanga, Chimuwanga, Manyenje, Mbinda, Martin, Kamtukule, DC Lundu, Sumani, Kampala, Baluti, Mpagaja, Nzeru, Wiskes, Zinganguwo, Mwandika, Chilunduka and Jumbe.