Unika Charity launches in style in the UK

DSC04229By Ian Carter Phiri

UK based charitable Organisation ‘Unika’ aimed at building a socially inclusive society where all people feel valued regardless of individual differences was officially launched on November 21, in a glamorous ceremony held at Dunstable Leisure Centre, in Luton Bedfordshire, UK.

The red – carpet evening occasion attracted a cross -section of people including, Charge de Affaires and Malawi Deputy High Commissioner, His Excellency, Hon John Tembo Jnr and was graced by the Mayor of Luton Borough, Cllr Mohammed Farooq.

The evening event was braced with lots live entertainment and definately marvellous to watch. It was curtain raised by Pamtengo Radio Dj and Singer /songwriter, Lungo who showcased a brilliant live performance of the much awaited hit single “My Love”

Headlined by the multi-talented and Sensational Reggae Superstar, Mathias ‘Matty’ Julius, Unika launch gave a feast of great entertainment especially with having Matty coming second on the time table and mesmerised fans with a great performance of his hit single “Matty Luv”

With his melodious vocals reigning supreme, the dread locked music genius rocked through the roof of Dunstable Leisure Centre and turned the whole event brilliantly rewarding to watch.

Matty also ditched out some of his great vibes from his incomparable “Wekutafara Album” such as Ndokurevera as well as the Album’s title track Wekutafara among others.

Also performing on the night was Pamtengo Gospel Sensation, Sis Maneli, Upcoming Malawi’s dancehall Star, Justice Madeya and Wizzy, AVM and the Ugandan Duo, Biggz Holiday and Rastor Soke.

Yet another performance of the night was by Nigerian born Londonspec who brew everyone away as he performed his hit single, Easy Oooh, currently a regular feature on Pamtengo Radio airwaves. The dancing machine was obviously a marvel to watch especially with his dancing antics that added yet another thrill to the occasion and heightened the occasion into the climax.

In his remarks, the Mayor of Luton Borough, Cllr Mohammed Farooq commended the management of Unika and all participating partners for the tremendous work that the organisation was doing aimed at enhancing the health, social, economic and physical security in the UK and other developing countries such as Malawi.

“We know that by building a socially inclusive society where all people feel valued, their differences respected so that they can live a dignified life, is something that we as a council also embrace. We therefore hold this charity’s vision and achievements in the highest regard” said His Worship the Mayor

Speaking earlier during the launch, Charge de Affaires and Malawi Deputy High Commissioner, H.E John Tembo Jnr said his mission was most delightful at the establishment of Unika to cater for social inclusiveness of the elderly whom he said were specifically vulnerable due to age and poverty.

“We are aware that running a charity is not an easy task. It requires resources, time, strength, courage and out of everything it requires unity. It is therefore a duty of us all Malawians to build support for this charity in order to reach out to all corners of Malawi in areas that lack similar basic social economic needs that Nathenje community is now benefiting from Unika” said Tembo

unika pics 2

In her presentation, Co Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Unika, Munya Sajanga said now that her charity’s borehole project was in its completion stage, her organisation would embark on building a Home Care Centre where the elders could be taken care of in the remaining days of their lives, she said

The Borehole project has currently seen 7 boreholes dug in Nathenje, Malawi to provide safe clean water for 15 Villages around Nathenje.

According to Sajanga Unika also intends to provide training for older persons on economic empowerment and continued employment, she said adding that her Organisation will advocate and lobby for the rights of of older persons including the provision of legal, paralegal and investigative services to ensure that their human and democratic rights are recognised and respected, said Sajanga popularly known by her adoring fans on Pamtengo radio as Lady M.

Co Founder and Senior Trustee of Unika, Henderson Mmangisa said Unika was established with the aim of helping older people claim their rights, challenge discrimination in order to overcome poverty so that they can lead dignified, secure, active and healthy lives, said Mmangisa who also gave a brief background of Unika’s working partner, Hope for the Elderly (H.O.P.E) a non – government, non – political and non – profit making organisation aimed at promoting social gerontology, advocacy and raising awareness on population ageing challenges.

HOPE was established in 2004 and caters for reduction of dependency by providing support to older persons specifically in Malawi and Africa at large.

unika pics 1Flanked by his Co Founder Sajanga, Mmangisa said the potential of older people to remain useful citizen in our our society was being threatened by a number of social, political, economic and psychological factors, he pointed out.

“But we are committed to change society’s negative altitude, policies and practices at all levels in all sectors to ensure that enormous potential of older people can be realized, empasised Mmangisa”

He therefore noted that Unika’s thematic areas were ageing, human rights, advocacy, HIV/AIDS, food security, consultancy and training in Social Gerontology.

Also speaking, brainchild of Women Aspiring Great Success (WAGS) Everjoy Kurangwah said creating a platform for business minded women and those aspiring to succeed in life was her Organisation’s top priority.

“We advocate to advise young girls that the only Wags they should dream of becoming are women aspiring great success.”

WAGS started as a group on Facebook this year and has since embarked onto a radio show on Pamtengo Radio Station.

The Director of Ceremonies was Pamtengo Radio Broadcaster MC Chijota alonside fellow radio presenter, Empress Tricia with DJ Bily on the decks under the assistance of Pamtengo Radio Chief Sound Engineer, Dj Flinstone for technical engineering.

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Unika Charity Launch

Unika Charity to be launched soon in the

UK By Ian Carter Phiri

UK based charitable Organisation ‘Unika’ aimed at building a socially inclusive society where all people feel valued regardless of individual differences will be officially launched on November 21, at Dunstable Leisure Centre in Luton Bedfordshire United Kingdom from 1930 hrs till late.

The red – carpet event, expected to attract a cross -section of people, will be graced by the Mayor of Luton Borough, Cllr Mohammed Farooq as guest of honour. The event itself will be braced with lots of entertainment by Pamtengo Djs and live performances by UK based artists such as Londonspec, Boy Kingsley, Pamtengo Radio Dj/ singer and songwriter, Lungo of the Washaa fame and Gospel sensation and Pamtengo Radio Presenter, Sis Maneli.

Also performing on the night will be the Multi-talented Reggae Superstar, Mathias ‘Matty’ Julius, Upcoming Malawian Reggae star, Justice Madeya, AVM and the Ugandan duo, Biggyz Holiday and Rasta Soke.

The night will obviously be highly spiced up by popular radio personality compere, Tichafa ‘Tich Mataz’ Matambanazo flying from Harare who is expected to grace the night as special guest. The occasion will also have the Officials from the Malawi High Commission in attendance.

Munyaradzi ‘Wordplay’ Usuwana, a young gifted poet better known as ‘The Wordplay Poet’ on the Poetry circuit whom uses rhythm and acronyms to create inspirational messages. will also be yet another inspiration of the night.

Also featuring highly on the night will be the Raffle draw, with lots prices sponsored by Klassic Designs, Victoria Kitchen, World Cargo International just to mention a few amongst other sponsors.

To complement the occasion on the night, Unika will provide Buffet dinner served at £20 only a ticket and £40 for VIP, all inclusive. There will also be Cash bar provided. The event’s Director of Ceremonies will be Pamtengo Radio Personality and broadcaster, MC Chijota alongside fellow Presenter Empress Tricia.

Unika is well established charitable organisation with its objective to helping the elderly and the communities in the UK and other developing countries specifically Malawi in order to assist the vulnerable claim their rights, challenge discrimination and overcome poverty, said Founder and Trustee of Unika Charity, Munya Sajanga adding ‘thereby fostering dignified, secure, active and healthy lives’

Proceeds of the launch will go to hosting a Christmas dinner for the elderly and completion of Nathenje Borehole Project in Malawi. ‘’Our aim is to build a socially inclusive society where all people feel valued, their differences respected and their basic needs met so they can live a dignified life,” pointed out Sajanga who also owns the conglomerate of World Cargo International, Pamtengo Radio and Wakachere Limited.

Christmas can be an incredibly difficult time of the year for older people who live on their own around Luton and Dunstable, she said adding ”Right now they are said to be about 450,000 older people who spend their Christmas period on their own with no family or friends to visit them during the festive season.”

This, according to Sajanga, should be a day to bring immense joy and laughter. It is therefore incredibly sad to note that many older men and women have to spend their Christmas utterly alone thereby feeling their isolation even more acutely, she said

”It’s not right that any one should suffer such horrible loneliness especially when they could be among friends. So we are here to offer that friendship,” said the Unika Boss.

Commenting on the prospect of the event, Everjoy Kurangwah, one of the Organisers added: ”It is therefore in this vein that we are appealing to well wishers to respond with an act of kindness hence we would appreciate any donations that could enable us hold this event,” she said

For bookings to purchase tickets, people should do bank transfers and then endorse their names as reference. Unika Charity Banking details are available on the flyer attached to this article.

UNIKA Launch (6)

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ALTER EGO FLYERJoining the fight against domestic violence. Alter Ego is a programme aired every Monday 10 till 12noon on Pamtengo radio. This programme is designed to create awareness and educate anyone in the community who is subjected to domestic violence. Our main concern is to reach out the those individuals who are struggling to communicate due to language barriers.

Domestic violence is officially classified as “any incident of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between adults who are or have been in a relationship together, or between family members, regardless of gender or sexuality”.

We think of domestic violence as hitting, slapping and beating, but it can also include emotional abuse as well as forced marriage and so-called “honour crimes”.


It’s abuse if your partner or a family member:

•threatens you

•shoves or pushes you

•makes you fear for your physical safety

•puts you down, or attempts to undermine your self-esteem

•controls you, for example by stopping you seeing your friends and family

•is jealous and possessive, such as being suspicious of your friendships and conversations

•frightens you

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Where can you get help?

You don’t have to wait for an emergency situation to seek help. You can:

•talk to your doctor, health visitor or midwife , send a message via text  to us here on Alter Ego or via our facebook page.

•call 0808 2000 247 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 0808 2000 247 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting, the 24-hour National Domestic Violence Helpline run in partnership between Women’s Aid and Refuge (calls from a landline are free)

if you threaten danger immediately call the police at 999 . When the connection to the operator say “police” and enter your address. Even if you will not be able to explain what was going on patrol will be on the way.

You can also call the English helpline number:

0808 2000 247

Free-clock Helpline for Victims of Domestic Violence

(National Domestic Violence Helpline)

conducted through the cooperation of the Women’s Aid and Refuge

Call to this number are free from mobile homes and public telephone booths. This is not so in the case of mobile phones.

Calling C under this number can women and children who experience domestic violence. Use it can also be people who know the victims of violence and want for them to get information, and those who are providing assistance in this area deal with professionally.

People who do not know English, you can ask for an interpreter. This service is free. When you connect, say, “I need a translator for English” (I need a Polish translator) and enter your phone number. Advisor connects to the interpreter and call you back, and keep the translator will translate the conversation.

If you decide to leave

The first step in escaping an abusive situation is realising that you’re not alone and it’s not your fault. Try to get advice from an organisation such as Women’s Aid or Refuge before you go.

If you’re considering leaving, be careful who you tell. It’s important that your partner doesn’t know where you’re going. Planning is very important. If you decide to leave, it will help to take:

  • documents, including birth certificates for your children, passports, any medical records, benefits books, and mortgage or rent details
  • your address book
  • house keys
  • if you have young children: baby items, some clothes and a special toy for each child

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