Stockwood Park Luton

11 February 2022,

Stockwood park – how do you use it and what would you like to see?

Views are being sought on Stockwood park to help develop plans to make the best use of the area for visitors whilst recognising its historical and ecological benefits.Last year engagement took place on the future of the area of park where the golf centre stands to determine if there was sufficient demand for the sport on the site.  Following a review of the extensive feedback councillors made the decision to approve the development of a Masterplan to explore how the whole of the park can be best used for the benefit of the wider community.There will be two rounds of consultation, in this first stage people are being asked for their comments on how they currently use the park and what they think of the current facilities. Views are also being sought on what they would like to see more of, what type of facilities they would like as well as their thoughts on cycling and walking access to get about the site and how this could be improved. Findings of the survey will be used to create a draft Masterplan and a second stage of consultation will take place to get people’s views.

The feedback given will help refine these proposals so a final Masterplan report can be developed.Cllr Abbas Hussain portfolio holder responsible for parks said. “We had a huge response with a wide range of passionate views when we consulted last year.  We listened to those ideas which led us to review the whole of Stockwood and work to develop a Masterplan.“There are no proposals for using the park for any other types of development such as housing and no decision has been made to close Stockwood Park Golf Centre. Our key priority is about ensuring that we maximise the recreational benefits of the whole park for all the community and visitors as well as celebrate its historical importance and ecological value”.As many views as possible are being sought to determine the best future use for this site so people are encourage to give their thoughts before the consultation ends 11 March.

The survey is online and the design boards can be viewed virtually. The boards can also be viewed in-person at The discovery Centre, Stockwood Park and the project team will also be available on Thursday 17 February 11am to 4pm. Paper copies of the survey will be available for those who request them.

Contact Information
Joanna Softly
Luton Council

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