54Background Information

It is 98 km from Mangochi boma in area called Mvumba village, Traditional Authority Nankumba. In this area I met a lady, she was seated with her daughter and she is deaf. The two daughters do not work but support their households by going to the mountains to collect firewood which they sell. Her husband passed away in 2003.

Personal Details

Her name is Savera Lilamba and she is a widow, her husband passed away. In her life she has had 9 children, however now she only has two daughters, as the rest had passed away. Her house fell last year in December and now lives with her daughter but stays in the kitchen. Above is the kitchen she lives in.

Physical Sate

Savera Lilamba looked healthy and pleasant. She is well taken care of by her daughter; she is helped during her bath time and toileting.



Food Security

6She usually eats porridge, nkhwani (pumpkin leaves) and mpilu (turnip leaves). However she goes without food for two to three days, eating depends on the availability of food.