Luton Afrofest 2023

It was very unfortunate 2 hours into our event LUTON AFROFEST 2023 we decided to stop and cancel the event due to bad weather for safety reasons. Thanks to our sponsors, exhibitors, artists and everyone else who braved it to turn up. Massive thank you to our sponsorsLuton Rising, Bedfordshire Police,Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service,The Mall, Luton, NHS Blood Donation, Pamtengo Radio, World Cargo International, Luton Council,The National Lottery Community Fund, Stockwood Park, AfroDisco Radio
Follow us for updates on upcoming events in the future. We are confident 2024 will be bigger and better. Get in touch with us if you will like to get involved in our Luton Afrofest 2024 to get involved email


Luton Afrofest 2023 will be held on the 22 July 2023 At Stockwood Park,Luton, LU1 4BH. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FREE TICKET


Follow the link to book your stall. CLICK HERE

Come sell and showcase your arts, crafts , fashion clothing services and more at our event. Follow the above link for booking

Luton AfroFest is a family event. We are working in partnership with Pamtengo Radio Station and other organisations to make this event a success. There will be a live band , various musicians, poets , artist and a fashion show highlighting and spicing up our event with our African bright and vibrant colours of different outfits , jewellery , crafts and art paintings, books, Jumping castles , food and drink will be served on the day as well. Everyone is welcome to come and experience A Real Taste of Africa in the park!

Our Aim is to get the community to Know Africa Through MUSIC Promoting African music, culture, art, and diversity! Luton Afrofest is a premier initiative project of the UNIKA CHARITY. It is a recognized non-profit organization. Primarily, the goal of this event is to promote African music, art, and culture in the United Kingdom. We also aim to educate the non-African community about Africa’s traditional and contemporary art forms. In addition, we aim to bring awareness of the rich diversity of African culture through music and art. Through this project, we seek to bring Africans together to celebrate our culture and heritage.

We endeavor to provide Africans with a medium and an opportunity to display their talents and skills. We aim to promote diversity and interaction within the community.  We plan to be inclusive and work with other community organisations to promote their services which we believe are most essential especially in our ethnic minority information of same sometimes is not readily available or well known. So by inviting other professionals from various organisations our community can be able to obtain information of what is available to the them.   So come along join us watch the space for more details to come.


Unika Charity has received funding for our Luton Afrofest which will be happening in Luton at Stockwood Park on 22 July 2023. Massive thank you to@TNLComFundin and the National Lottery players for helping our community continue to celebrate our African heritage.

Luton Rising partners of Luton Afrofest 2023. Massive thank you to our airport for funding, supporting and helping our community continue to celebrate our African heritage.

The Mall Luton sits in the very heart of the town – and the very centre of our community. Here at Unika we are pleased to be sponsored by The Mall Luton among other charities that they support locally.

Bedfordshire Police is the territorial police force responsible for policing the ceremonial county of Bedfordshire in England. Bedfordshire Police supports Luton Afrofest through sponsorship and also ensuring that our event is safe and goes smoothly without any criminal or antisocial behaviour on the day. Many thanks to the Bedfordshire Police Cohesion who joins us each year show casing and exhibiting the service they offer to our community. Watch out for their stand dress up and take a pictures in their uniforms and cars.

We are partnering with NHS Blood & Transplant to help keep blood donation at the forefront of people’s minds, reaching new audiences, and encouraging more life-saving donors. Visit their stall for more details.

Why we need more Black donors

Each year, we need 40,000 new blood donors of Black heritage to help the rising numbers of Black patients who need blood.

The best match typically comes from blood donors from the same ethnic background.

Find out more about why we need more Black blood donors

Give blood save a life. visit for more information.

Pamtengo radio provides the news, shared knowledge and cultural perspective that connect and reflect our vibrant and diverse communities. Over the years Pamtengo Radio Station is a premier iniative of Unika Charity and has worked in partnership to organise events in the community and also to support our African Community in signposting services and information to improve the lives of our BME community and beyond.

Tunein to 24/7 from anywhere in world CLICK HERE

World Cargo International Ltd is Shipping and Freight Forwading Agent in the UK, we have a responsibility not just to our clients and employers but to also our society. Our vision of doing the right thing for our clients, our people and our community is about giving back something to the community through various activities. We are proud to be supporting Unika Charity and a number of other charity organisations through sponsoring their events financially and non financially.

Information and Safety


Please keep an eye on all of your belongings at all times. Please contact our marshall’s if you lost your belongings. Security officials on the day provided by Insignia Security in addition to our marshall’s.


We all know kids can go walk about and be out of sight in a blink of an eye, so please keep an eye on your children at all times. Any lost children must be reported to the Safeguarding stall stewards on the festival site as a matter of urgency. Please ask our stewards for a wristband for your child on arrival, and they’ll write your phone number on there, in case of any emergencies!


There will be public toilets including accessible toilets around the Park.


Please keep your dog on a leash, they might not seem scary to you, but they can be scary to children and some adults too. Please keep any aggressive dogs away from the main festival site.

Keep Luton Tidy

Let us all continue to enjoy this beautiful green space. Please bag up your rubbish and throw it in the wheelie bins and skips we have provided. Look out for the clear plastic bags for all your recyclables.


If you would like to join our volunteers team email us on info@unika-uk-org

Live Bands, Fashion Show, Food & Drink and more